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Ball, like a middle-aged woman forever staring at that lower-back tattoo she got in high school, added a tattoo of a pair of dice to cover up the Big Baller Brand logo tattoo he got inked on his right arm just last year.

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Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, one child away from having a complete supporting cast that will go in the regular season before being eliminated in the divisional round, welcomed his ninth child , the seventh girl. Sports bettors in Nevada, New Jersey and West Virginia, proving that maybe the Bradley Act was saving us from ourselves like the salary cap does for sports team owners, submitted dozens of future bets on the Baltimore Orioles , who won an MLB-low 47 games last season, to win the World Series.

Eli is still a quality NFL quarterback. It wears me out, it really does. Martenzie is an associate editor for The Undefeated. His favorite cinematic moment is when Django said "Y'all want to see somethin? Up Next. And so, I often will have no meetings on Fridays, or no meetings on Monday, or something like that. All of the interpersonal meetings tend to be urgent, but many of them are less important. For a long time I had an actual hold on my calendar for days like this. Now I don't, because it's kind of gotten ingrained in my head.

Email is my favorite.

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started in Basketball - Baller's Guide

I would say I'm actually quite good at email, if I do say so myself. I use Superhuman for my email. I am religious about keeping under 30 emails in my inbox. I never reach a point where my inbox is overflowing because I triage pretty effectively. Either things get dealt with immediately or they get snoozed to a time when I can actually deal with them. And I think a good chunk of my day is spent in my inbox.

I really love Superhuman for getting through my emails. Their keyboard shortcuts and snippets make me super efficient.

Born To Ball

I use snippets in Superhuman for anything that I have to type out a lot. So I have a snippet that just attaches that rather than me having to find everything and type it out every time. And of course I always want to be nice, but I prefer to be asked before meeting someone. My favorite one in the world is Money Stuff by Matt Levine. I adore him. I read that every day, and it never piles up because I literally can't wait to read it.

But, I have a number of others that are crypto specific typically, which often have a lot of links to other things to read. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming with how much stuff there is out there. I find that the kind of personality I have is a bit rebellious, I guess.

I rebel against structure, if it's too rigid. Even if it's self imposed. So I've just kind of realized that I know what the core things that I care about are, and I just kind of naturally gravitate towards working on those. And I would say that has worked pretty well.

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Other people are different. And that worked for him, because he's a super detail oriented kind of guy. And he's crushing it, so it's worked out great. So, some people I think are just better at kind of managing the micro pieces. For me, I tend to be more big picture. One thing I do track in terms of goals is reading. I really like the GoodReads Reading Challenge. Basically you set a goal for the number of books you want to read, and then you track it in GoodReads over the course of the year.

I read very broadly across categories, and genres.

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I like financial history quite a bit, so a lot of my new reads are in that camp. But, it's super broad. And I track everything in GoodReads. But I still use it. What is wrong with me? Am I depressed? My sense is that it's actually probably not uncommon for people, especially people who are doing something new. Creative energy is not consistent. The time period when I felt this the most was when I was building something new, starting the fund. There's such an emotional output that you have to put out every day.

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That has a double effect: it helps me not make any sort of low productivity time a complete wash, and it makes me feel like I accomplished something, which I think helps me get back on track. I think so much of this stuff, to be honest, has to do with my diet and exercise. Just making sure that I'm being good about that. Not drinking, and making sure that I exercise first thing in the morning. That has a big effect in terms of helping me kind of reset in terms of optimizing productivity. If you're an extrovert — which I very much am— it's so easy to get suckered into happy hours, or dinners, or drinks, or whatever.

I have consistently failed to exercise between and PM. That's a big part of it.

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  • I am also a big fan of accountability. And it's like a slap in the face. You really want to avoid it. I think that actually works well. It's one of those books that every time you read it you'll get something different, and the things that stand out to you are going to vary at different points in time. Thanks for reading! Do you have a job that you want to appear in this slot? Superorganizers Subscribe.