Give Me A Reason

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Just Give Me A Reason

Yes No. Are We All We Are. Beam Me Up. Chaos And Piss. Good Old Days. Here Comes the Weekend. Your Library Podcasts News.


Stream Top Podcasts Stream the best podcasts from your favorite stations. The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan's Weekly Podcast …. Stuff You Should Know. Josh and Chuck have you covered. Just Give Me a Reason song meanings.

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Add your thoughts 40 Comments. My Interpretation So, I think that the song talks about a couple whose flame is gone out of their relationship. They feel like they don't love each other as much as they used to, and they're still together, only because they feel like they're obliged to. The female perspective in the song P! She wants to believe that they're still as in love as they used to be, but can't bring herself to say it, and isn't sure about how her partner feels about it..

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The male perspective is completely oblivious to what his wife's feelings and is surprised that she feels that way, because he thought that everything was going well between them. He soon realizes that she's right and he too, wants them to go back to the way they used to be. However, he's much more laid-back and thinks that it'll be easy but his partner wants him to put more effort into their marriage.

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In the end, they manage to give each other a reason to still be happily together : This song is amazing. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error.

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My Interpretation It is a song about second chances. It's about digging deep enough when you've reached that point when things got stale and complacent and you're ready to get out To realize that you're not broken - just bent - and that you CAN learn to love again.

The message is about fighting for love and realizing that even if you fell out of love, you can always fall back in love again but you have to fight for it. My Interpretation This song is about a person the girl who starts to become insecure about their relationship..

She thinks too much.. They just need to remember that this is part of love..

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