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The last adaptation, based on the book Hasty Wedding , was the movie Three's a Crowd , released in Sarah Keate, though popular as the protagonist of Eberhart's first five novels, proved to be the author's only series sleuth, making only a couple of appearances after the early s. Instead, Eberhart wrote mostly "standalone" mysteries, something fairly unusual for a crime writer with such a large output.

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Eberhart was one of the more prolific of the practitioners of the classic romantic suspense novel that had begun with some of the earliest work of Anna Katharine Green and was brought to its height by Mary Roberts Rinehart in the early 20th century. But in , when Eberhart introduced Sarah Keate, it was still relatively rare to have a female lead in novel-length "straight detective stories".

The year after Eberhart's first novel was published, Agatha Christie wrote the first novel featuring her female detective, Jane Marple , who had previously appeared in short stories collected as "The Tuesday Club Murders".


Eberhart's works often featured female protagonists, and tended to include exotic locations, wealthy characters, and suspense and romance. Eberhart also served as president of the Mystery Writers of America.

Why Don’t Police Catch Serial Rapists? - The Atlantic

The normally prolific Eberhart wrote relatively few books in the s, possibly due to upheaval in her personal life. Eberhart died in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nebraska Center for Writers. Archived from the original on Retrieved Mignon G. Eberhart Official Website. Eberhart: Death and the Maiden".

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The secrets they unearth rock Allison right down to the core. Thrust into a haunted world where the paranormal and evil collide, she has one hope of survival: unravel the sinister history buried for decades within the old farmhouse and find the link to a muddled piece of her past. Detective Amy Sadler Book 2. Homicide detective Amy Sadler and her new wife, forensic pathologist Lira Ward, are enjoying marital bliss when they are hit with a gruesome new case: someone is killing couples and families, with most of their rage directed at the wives.

While trying to solve the case, Amy begins receiving threats from someone within the police department who doesn't seem happy about her marriage to Lira. Amy finds herself desperately trying to uncover who is out to destroy her marriage - because she doesn't want to find out how far they're willing to go.


Click the Promo button for a free Promo code for Beloved Wife! Detective Amy Sadler Book 1. A woman who has been missing for three months is found dead with over tally marks carved into her skin. For Detective Amy Sadler, who is still recovering mentally from a past undercover operation gone wrong, the case is as unsettling as it is frustrating.

Mignon G. Eberhart

As more bodies appear with the same tally marks, Amy's only solace from the seemingly unsolvable case is the romance blooming between herself and forensic pathologist Dr. Lira Ward, a beautiful soul with a past even she doesn't understand. But that solace is shattered when the case collides with their personal lives in a way no one sees coming, and Amy is left wondering if she can salvage what they once had. Two women on opposite ends of time.

The Atlantic Crossword

Between them is the war that will change their world forever Payne lives a cursed life. Her touch brings death, and her memory is damaged.

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She has only an aging mage for company , and he could easily be her enemy. When a stranger tears her away from her temple's safety, she finds the world outside just as empty of answers.

Who can she believe and who, if anyone, can break her curse and free her from a life that is rapidly slipping toward darkness and destruction? Farine has been blessed with everything she's ever desired.

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Her father is the king, her friends surround her, and her life seems perfect.