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As the group is startled by a group of invaders, they rush into action to defend their base. While reading this comic, I found there to be several things rather enjoyable about this book. The way they were drawn with the bright colors and smooth textures, it was just truly eye catching. The overall story was good, and where it is about to go I can see being great with how many different elements are involved in this story.

After seeing everything that happened I am fairly excited to see where this goes and what is to happen next. The only thing I wish would have come out of this issue was a little bit more character info. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the art was amazing, particularly during the fight scenes?

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The artwork so far has been spectacular including some really gritty scenes that are colored very well. The story is still a little ambiguous as to where in the continuity we are and with what they are ultimately trying to achieve in writing a sequel to his first origin story. Phil Noto, where have you been all my life? As is popular in comics, we begin at a certain cliffhanger and build up background story until we arrive back at the beginning. The amount of dialogue in this book has been almost excruciating.

Dark Horse Comics

Throw in a dead Avenger, and we have quite the mystery on our hands. Last we left our mutant business associates they had just crashed the A. Knowing only that they were tasked to rescue captured mutants, Polaris, Gambit and Quicksilver begin searching high and low. The catch is — live mutant specimens are needed to fire it up. Specimens for today?

Reaper and Abyss! Hoffman charges up, and starts a rumble with the Serval mutants. All-New X-Factor 2 gets a mediocre score this time. The second installment diverges from many of the aspects that made 1 alluring. All in all, a mildly entertaining read. After an amazing premiere issue, 2 is lackluster in just about every way.

Smasher, who is a new incarnation of the character in the Marvel NOW! I can appreciate what Hickman is trying to do, but I feel that the first issue was just a ruse to get us invested in the futuristic Scientistic Supreme storyline. On the plus side, Dr. Bruce Banner makes his hilarious return as he schools everybody that will listen.

Clinton Barton is a clumsy, skilled, but mostly lucky hero, who constantly gets the crap beaten out of him as he tries to do the right thing. Pretty soon, even the cat food guy is going to stop listen. While George Romero is considered one of the pioneers of the zombie genre, I must admit that I have not been a fan of his last few films. Zombies that think and are able to operate guns? Zombies that have some deep embedded memory of who they were before they turned?

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If that sounds ridiculous to you then not only will you not like those films, you will not really enjoy this book either. Black Widow has always been a character worthy of her own series; an ex-KGB and current Avenger, Natasha Romanov is shrouded in mystery and has the skills to take on anything.

Not much developing yet in terms of a plot for this arc, but the issue itself is thoroughly entertaining with just enough detail to make you pine for the next one. The beginning of a five part spinoff story starts with Star Wars 13 this week. Sounds cut throat and exciting right? Well… not so much in this issue. Following events in the previous 12 issues, Vader is out to force choke the life out of everyone who played a part in allowing the double crossing Bircher to take command of the Devastator. He recruits young Imperial ensign Nanda to chauffer him around the galaxy on his vengeance quest.

The story has me interested, but not on the edge of my seat. I hope we get to see more out of Nanda and that Vader jumps into action soon. You can tell that the creative team that worked on this book had fun making it, and I had fun reading it. Bringing back this collection of short stories about our vigilante hero is the best idea DC has had for a long time. Each issue is a series of vignettes about the Bat.

All of the writers and artists so far have been a hodgepodge of the comic book elite. Issue five does not disappoint. I guess what I find so appealing is the old gumshoe approach that they have taken. The first story by Ivan Brandon puts us in the middle of a training exercise between Alfred and the bat. Several of the other stories focus on how clever Bruce Wayne is when he is tracking his prey. This twisted tale of a cartoonist turned murderer will put a vicious smile on your face by the end of story.

The Bane we all know and love is back. With the Justice League out of commission by the Crime Syndicate, the Gotham rogues are left to pick up the pieces of territory. All villains are scheming and plotting to get the upper hand over one another, but no tag team is more fun to watch than Bane and Talon.

Batman and Superman are in a colossal fight to death. Bats has been fitted with cyborg technology from the alien villain Mongul. He has been turned into a playable character in a global video game. Over 90 million gamers are in control of the Batman and are hell-bent on killing Superman. The overall story is a bit trite, but the artwork of Brett Booth gives this issue a vibrant look. The puns from vampire, werewolf, and monster lore are cleverly put throughout the book. Vampi plays detective to the morbid in the town of Stoker. But her pet cat, Pantha is a good distraction from the social mishaps she endures.

The best part of this book is Pantha, particularly when he turns his litter box into a miniature replica of the Pyramids of Egypt. Overall, I felt the story was a bit confusing, especially for the young targeted audience. The story bounces between the actual happenings of Vampi to her diary, without much warning, which could be confusing to new and young comic book readers. I do have to say the art was very well suited for the genre, of course, with cover work from Art Baltazar.

This was a decent read, but definitely was out-shined by other releases this week. This is not the book you read with your friends. This issue introduces us to Her and the sex police. We seem to have found a soft spot in Negan, as he killed one of his own when they try to sexually assault a POW a few episodes ago. If you are as big fan of the T. This book is humorous, enjoyable, relaxing, and just plain old Mathematical! I look forward to the next issue. This issue is designed to introduce multiple new arcs that all begin in the next few weeks.

Famous Movie Robots - Illustrated History of Film Robots

Unlike the weekly previews publishers come out with that have only two or three pages, each of these stories actually have a starting and ending point. Polaris has recruited Gambit to work for the seemingly noble and industrious Mr.

What could go wrong?! The theme is very down to Earth and jives very well with all us grownup nerds out there working a 9-to The plot balances predictability and mystery nicely and the characters in focus are well selected. For casual Marvel fans, like me, I appreciate the effort to put well-know, but very dynamic characters into the story. I see a lot of potential in the follow up issues.

Unlike the current Avengers title,which centers around intergalactic epidemics, Avengers World takes the series back down to Earth, quite literally, as the Hand again, no relation to the Foot emerges as the threat. All your favorite Avengers are in action, with Captain America and Bruce Banner getting a majority of the spotlight. Banner is very witty and sarcastic throughout the issue and is instantly my favorite character.

After an intriguing last issue, Deadpool 22 keeps the momentum going with Deadpool tracking a traitor amongst S.

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There is not a lot of intrigue here, as most of the story is made of up situational humor. A: Would definitely recommend to all comic book readers. Superman has completely lost his marbles, and Batman seems to be the only one who has the gall to deal with it. The series opens in Vatican City, Rome one stormy night. A potential successor to the Pope is dead — impaled on iron fence spokes after taking a long fall from a cathedral window, dropping a mysterious object on the way down.

Enter Charlie Northern, a long-time atheist, fan of hardcore sucker for conspiracy theories and London detective. Charlie is asked by an old friend and member of the Catholic Church to investigate the mysterious death of the would-be Pope. Paul Jenkins writer peppers in just the right amount of intrigue and teasers to keep this series on my radar. The real seller for Revelations though — the art work. The detail and contrast is worked in very nicely in environments that are inherently dark and dreary. This series has suffered from being under-developed, but that stops in issue five.

This issue has finally picked up steam, and there is phenomenal dialogue between Wraith and Superman before things get real. The entire issue had no dialogue, but it still says a lot. Chronicling the story of a family torn by tragedy, a girl is taken from the safety of what little family she has left and forced into child labor.

The ring leader is none other than the heartless Penguin. Batman catches wind of the scene and investigates, only to be trapped by Cobblepot and Co.